Waes Hael Osis
-- TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview, O.L.

I speak of the King-maker, King-slayer, King-ruler,
I speak of a Prince, a lover, a King.
I speak of a strong arm, strong mind, strong laugh:
I speak of Osis Konungr, Wolven King.

He was Osis long-limbed, long-armed, long-tressed,
He was Osis the hard-faced and soft-hearted
He was Osis deep-hearted, strong-minded, still waters,
He was Osis Konungr, Ealdor-King.

Think on Osis hot-blooded, battle-honoured,
Think on Osis joy-hearted, great-hearted, oak-hearted.
Think on Osis squire-father, Queen-lover
Think on Osis Konungr, steel-eyed King.

Toast Osis wise-warrior, war-winner,
Toast Osis, step-father, squire-father, King.
Toast Osis, drink deep and honour his memory;
Toast Osis Konungr, Trillium King.

Waes Hael as open the doors to Valhalla,
Waes Hael as Valkyries ride on the wind.
Waes Hael: the Iceberg rides onward to battle;
Waes Hael Osis Konungr, Ealdormere's King!

May 17, 1999 C.E.

May his horn never run dry.

For Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson.