A Memory of Osis

I am truly going to miss all the great fun Osis seemed to generate..... raiding the Galbraith family mead, swimming at the swim hole, the late night drinking games,...and the way he treated people around him.

One of my fondest memories is the first time I encountered this huge friend. I was off to my 2nd SCA event which just happened to be Murder Melee. I live down in the little town of Tillsonburg and my sister lives in Toronto and is famous for the Galbraith family mead her and my brother in law make. I arrived at Troll and my first camping event without a clue what to do or what exactly was going on. I knew that somehow I had to try to meet up with the Toronto group and after trying to remember all the SCA names I was getting rather frustrated. I got into my little car and resorted to the grand tour of the encampements. After about a half an hour I thought I recognized one of my sisters friends setting up camp on the top of a hill and there soaking up the sun with a bottle of beer was Osis. I jumped out of the car and asked if she knew my sister and was so glad to hear that yes indeed she did and my sister would be there later. Then ofcourse Osis as a charming person he is insisted that until the group arrived I of course would be the guest of the encampment. As my sisters friend busied herself with the set up of the camp Osis proceeded to entertain me with many many bottles of mead. By the time my sister arrived several hours later we were best friends and I was dancing....... I think the tradition of being the late night mead drinkers started then. Any of my friends that I have brought to meet this man were treated with the same welcoming gestures and I have two in Australia whom still talk about Osis and Babba.I will remember Osis / Craig as the person who made everyone feel special and always cared enough to have a fun time at the swim hole or around the fire. I will miss his friendship as will many many others.

Tamara of the Light