A story of Bernie

By way of setting this up I should point out that one of Osis' favourite tricks was to casually stroll past you while swinging his stick up from behind and clocking you in the head.

Bernie and I were sparring with each other at Skeldergate on a night when Osis had pulled that move on both of us. We were both ready for a break when Bernie spotted Osis standing behind and to the side of where we were. He was just putting on his helm to come and play. Bernie got this really wicked grin on her face and said, "Should we?" : to which I replied, " I think we have to!"

We both strolled off the "field" and headed for Os. When we were right behind him Bernie tapped him on the shoulder, he turned and we each hit him (me from the left then Bernie from the right) and then strolled away.

(Who is going to miss sparring/fighting and playing evil fighter tricks with both her friends more than she can possibly say.)