A memory from Lady Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees (aka Rozie)

I knew Osis as a fellow SCA member for many years but I spend more time with Craig.

I will have to give the honors to him for holding the record of keeping me laughing the longest and hardest in my life, while we sat on Mistress Tamara's porch one night after all others had gone to bed. Over the years he had me laughing at myself, at him and at life many times. Here is just one small story of many I would like to share with you:

At Pensic War about five years ago, I was out wandering roads late at night, not ready for sleep quite yet. I stopped by Osis's encampment to see if any of the boys were still up. Sure enough, Osis and at least five squires, they were just as restless as I. After a brief discussion, we decided to go for a walk about and look for a party or two.

As we walked down the road (or should I say, filled the road) we came across two very young ladies (maybe of legal age if not younger) standing / weaving at a crossroad. One young ladies giggles and says to the other in a loud voice, "Which way home, oh, we must be lost, oh no!" Not the safest statement in the wee hours of the night in front of six large slightly drunk men (I was behind them, being blocked by their height).

Osis insisted that "we" would escort them home. He carefully took a lady under each of his large arms and proceeded to start the procession through the streets of Pensic. Much polite talk was tabled and the boys were perfect gentlemen.

After about a half an hour we reach their encampment. As the ladies started to pass through the gate, one turns and asks, "And what pray tell is your name my lord?". A straight faced Osis replied with a long deep graceful bow, sweeping his arm in a great arc in front of him:
"Duke Sir Finnvar, my lady."
And he and the boys walked out into the night (leaving me standing there in giggles).

I will miss your laughter Osis/Craig.

From Lady Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees (aka Rozie)