Memories of Osis.

The following memories were taken from the MidRealm List of memories of the first Royal that impressed a person.

The first Royal that I ever met was Osis. It was after Cynnabar's event called "Faire at the Tower". I had been helping out in the kitchen all day (oh, btw, this was my first ever event in the SCA (ok, so I'm a cook in real life , too)) and I had changed into mundanes and was helping clean up the feast hall when he called me over. He asked if I had helped with the feast and I said yes. He then gave me a token on a ribbon and said that the feast was the only thing that went right for him that day. I still have that token and I still remember that moment (ok, I also remember the homemade chocolate cheesecake that the gentle who was with Osis gave me)

Luveday Tyreman

My first reigning Royal was at my first event WW2. It was Osis. I think the biggest impression he left was that he wanted to be sure everyone was having as much if not more fun than him. I was also impressed with the way that he wanted to be sure that the scrolls which were presented to people and the scribes that had made them were appreciated. It was funny how the night started out with him showing a scroll and the populace being appreciative all went OOOOOHHHH, because the scroll was gorgeous as most are. Slowly through the night it got longer and soon it was OOOOOHHHH AAAAAHHHHH OOOOOOO!! Finally about 3/4 of the way through some group started OOOOOHHHH AAAAAHHHHH OOOOOOOSIS!!! At which point I think he just about cracked up. For the rest of the night that was how spectacular things were appreciated. And he took it all in stride and let the populace have fun with it. His reign held the best courts that I have seen.

Everyone had fun at them I think, even when they went long. He very much impressed me.

Robert ap Rhys of Scatloch