A Song for Osis
He moved through our Fair

King Osis said to me:
My Lady won't mind,
And My Kingdom won't slight you;
For you are My own kind.
Then He stepped away from me,
And this He did say:
"It will not be long, Lord,
'till the Tourney Day"

He stepped away from me
And He moved through the Fair.
And fondly I watched him
Fight here and fight there.
He went His way homeward
With one star awake,
As the swans in the evening
Move over the lake.

People were saying
No truer was dead.
But one one has a sorrow
That never was said.
And He smiled as He passed me,
With his goods and fine thing,
and that was the last that I saw of the King.

I dreamt it last night
That King Osis came in.
So softly He entered,
His feet made no din.
He came close beside me
And this He did say:
"It will not be long, my Lord,
'till the Tourney Day."

source Trad: She moved through the Fair
(applicable music might be:Loreena McKennitt -Elemental-)

Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe
- Companion of the order of the Greenwood Company