To All Members

I am writing on behalf of myself and my family, in response to the wonderful support we have received from your group since the death of our daughter and sister, Bernadette. Bernadette was killed in a car accident, as you know on May 16, as was CRaig Cox, while returning from an event in Ohio. The support from her friends in the S.C.A. was immediate. People we have never met were there offering to do whatever they could for us. People who we did not know drove many hundreds of miles to pay their respoects to Bernadette and to introduce themselves to us and share stories of our daughter. It is no wonder she was so in love with the group.

We have seen Bernadette's enthusiasm over the past several years and have watched with amusement and a degree of admiration, as she sewed, took up calligraphy, danced, and hammered out armour, turning our garage into a workshop, and turning the heads of more than a few neighbours!. Most weekends were taken up with one event or another, and the following days were filled with stories. I am a teacher and several members came with Bernadette to do a demo for one of our classes last year. Everyone was impressed with the professional manner and the knowledge displayed by the presenters.

Bernadette was a very self-assured young woman, and she found in the S.C.A a family of people, who knew how to play, laugh, learn, and work together. She took pleasure in what was offered to her, and I'm sure she gave back in kind.

We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of cards, flowers, letters and prayers that have come to us from all across North America. We wish we could hug and thank each person individually for their thoughtfulness, but in many cases we have no idea who to write to or how to respond.

We were hoping that our appreciation and thanks could be sent through e-mail to the various cantons, and thus be shared with individual members. Bernadette would be upset if the love and support her friends have offered were to go un-recognized. I know this same support was given freely and without reservation, but it is important to us also, to tell everyone how much he or she meant to Bernadette and to thank them for all they gave to her.

We pray also for Nancy and the family of Craig. There are few words to cover or explain the feelings that such a tragedy cause. We did not know him, but understand he was an equally wonderful individual and will be missed terribly. God grants us the love of friends, and the necessary time to heal. With both of these and the gift of grace all will be whole again!

Thank you, and God Bless,

Mary Steinhauser